Archives for September 2015

GK Kingsley’s Testimonial

“Working with Satin Publishing has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Nicky Fitzmaurice is a superb editor. She has the attention to detail of a proof reader, but the lightness of touch of an editor who knows not to intrude on an author’s ‘voice’. Nicky polished my manuscript sympathetically but purposefully and made it […]

Adrian Streather’s Testimonial

Serendipity is not a word I have ever used in my writings, but when it comes to Nicky Fitzmaurice it’s a word that sums up a most positive meeting and experience via a chance shared posting from one of my connections on the internet. I contacted Nicky and asked her if she would be interested […]

BLOG: Editorial Tip No 1!

Editorial Tip No 1! And you know how useful these can be! So here you find yourself; you are now in that special moment when finally all those great ideas that you’ve had for writing a book are about to come to fruition and your mind goes blank! Nooo, this cannot be.  But sadly true […]

Cole Browning Testimonial

I have written and had published thirteen books (so far) and all of them have been cared for by the team at I would personally not entrust my words to anyone else, they are utterly professional and a complete joy to work with. I am looking forward to them editing, formatting and publishing many […]

Sylvia Baldock Testimonial

I was delighted to meet and work with the fabulous Nicky Fitzmaurice without whom, my ebook would not have happened for some time. Nicky published the ebook totally seamlessly, handling everything from formatting to ensuring payments into my bank account. She has expert knowledge of the publishing industry and delivered exceptional quality on time and […]

Shuna Hammocks Trichologist Testimonial

As my first experience of writing a book I found Satin Publishing and moreover Nicky an absolute delight. As my profession as a Trichologist is rather niche, I wanted to set a certain time and deliver a user friendly version of hair care and guidance to the reader. From the word go I was hugely […]

Nicole Martin’s Testimonial

Nicky was very easy to work with. She guided me through the process of getting an ebook from a simple word doc to being sold on Amazon! She is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I would recommend her services to any budding authors! Nicole Martin Pinpoint Marketing  

Joy Martin Testimonial

As a previously published author, I wished to get my existing books out on to a digital format. SatinPublishing retyped the existing books and digitally published them for me, all in good time and shape. I was so pleased with the results that I handed Nicky Fitzmaurice my latest manuscript to edit, format and digitally […]

Ginny’s Testimonial

Re a testimonial, it’s an honour to be asked, here are my heartfelt impressions: It’s a sobering fact that I wouldn’t be a published author today without the knowledge, expertise and deft work of Nicky Fitzmaurice at Satin Paperbacks. As a newbie author, Nicky held my hand through the rather scary publishing stages: getting my […]