Adrian Streather’s Testimonial

Serendipity is not a word I have ever used in my writings, but when it comes to Nicky Fitzmaurice it’s a word that sums up a most positive meeting and experience via a chance shared posting from one of my connections on the internet. I contacted Nicky and asked her if she would be interested in giving me a quote for taking on my Quit Smoking book. Her quote came back very quickly and I decided to accept her offer. Within a month I had paid and sent her my original manuscript later followed by the front and rear covers.

What can I say except to say that after a very short time Nicky Fitzmaurice through her editing skills, and empathy for the subject and author turned my raw 5-year-old manuscript into something to behold. Yes it was naturally a collaborative affair, but Nicky’s input was inspirational.

The final product is something I am proud to say can join the rest of my book list as an equal at all levels.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nicky Fitzmaurice, and her skills in many areas from a complete publishing package for individual authors to imprints seeking preparation for publishing services including editing, formatting and uploading for eBooks.

Nicky Fitzmaurice is one of those rare professionals out there who actually gives her clients what they’ve paid for plus a whole lot more…

Adrian Streather

South Australia.