BLOG: Editorial Tip No 1!

Editorial Tip No 1! And you know how useful these can be!

So here you find yourself; you are now in that special moment when finally all those great ideas that you’ve had for writing a book are about to come to fruition and your mind goes blank!

Nooo, this cannot be.  But sadly true and it strikes all unsuspecting writers.  Creeping up on them unannounced and stealing the precious flow of words they thought they had, ready to commit to paper.

Fear not!  Take a deep breath.  Not all is lost and you can save yourself from writers’ blocks.  There are a number of techniques that I can recommend, and today’s blog will start at the beginning of the day;

Place a pen and paper by your bedside.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, almost before you open your eyes, reach for the pen and paper and write whatever comes to mind.  Don’t worry if it is complete gobbledy gook.  That’s fine.  What you are doing is conditioning your mental processes into a ‘writers frame of mind’.  After a couple of days you will find sitting at your computer, all ready to type, that the words will ease themselves on to the page without a problem.

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