To publish your manuscript you first need to make sure that you have written or converted it into a ‘Word Document’.

Please note the word count so that when you look at our Pricing Structure, you will be able to see the costs involved to bring your work to life.

If you are thinking of publishing digitally, it is good to note that many of the ePub Houses do not like to use graphics within the text of the book. This is actively discouraged by the ePub House adding extra fees, which will in turn affects your Royalties.

When publishing digitally, unlike many other publishers, we like to offer you a one-off fee to help you realise your dream of becoming a published author. In real terms this means that you will receive up 70% of all the Royalties without a Publisher creaming a percentage off the top!

When publishing in paperback, please allow a built in lead time of a further 2-3 weeks before you receive the hard copies of your manuscript, as the process of receiving your proof copy for confirmation and ‘sign off’ will affect delivery dates.

Satin Publishing accepts ALL genres from:

Contempary, classic, horror, fiction, romantic, fantasy, erotica, sci-fi, business coaching manual, inspiration manuals.

All other genres are welcome.