GK Kingsley’s Testimonial

“Working with Satin Publishing has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Nicky Fitzmaurice is a superb editor. She has the attention to detail of a proof reader, but the lightness of touch of an editor who knows not to intrude on an author’s ‘voice’. Nicky polished my manuscript sympathetically but purposefully and made it […]

Adrian Streather’s Testimonial

Serendipity is not a word I have ever used in my writings, but when it comes to Nicky Fitzmaurice it’s a word that sums up a most positive meeting and experience via a chance shared posting from one of my connections on the internet. I contacted Nicky and asked her if she would be interested […]

Cole Browning Testimonial

I have written and had published thirteen books (so far) and all of them have been cared for by the team at SatinPublishing.co.uk. I would personally not entrust my words to anyone else, they are utterly professional and a complete joy to work with. I am looking forward to them editing, formatting and publishing many […]